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NetEvents are dedicated to providing professionals with up-to-date information about all aspects of technology in the modern world and the role it plays in making products and services more accessible.

Software Companies

Software companies provide vital services to companies in various industries around the world. Learn more about the top software companies in the UK and where to find them.

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Telecom operators work in various industries providing companies with services of telephones, internet, and other means of communication. We provide important information on their role in the modern world.

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To stay up to date on technology, telecoms, and software development, people can visit conferences and events that are dedicated to these professionals and their innovations.

Upcoming iGaming Software Conferences 570x285 - Upcoming iGaming Software Conferences

Upcoming iGaming Software Conferences

The iGaming industry sees the most profitable and innovative technology solutions and software developments in the UK and is not showing any signs of slowing down. This article provides information on some of the most anticipated events showcasing the latest software inventions and development techniques in the industry. Platforms such as Griffon Casino (UK) attends […]

Top iGaming Software Developers 570x285 - Top iGaming Software Developers

Top iGaming Software Developers

Technology has been a major part of online gambling as the games and platforms cannot be created and used without it. The UK gambling industry is thriving with new innovations and provides some of the best options in online casinos. One of the latest and most popular casinos is Griffin Casino who provides bonuses that […]

Overview of the Telecommunications Sector 570x285 - Overview of the Telecommunications Sector

Overview of the Telecommunications Sector

The telecommunications sector exists to make communication possible in society and business. Communication networks work via the internet and are made possible through airwaves, cables, and wireless devices. Telecom companies created the infrastructure allowing data to be shared anywhere in the world. Telephone operators, satellite companies, cable companies, and internet service providers are seen as […]

Upcoming Conferences and Events for Technology Companies 570x285 - Upcoming Conferences and Events for Technology Companies

Upcoming Conferences and Events for Technology Companies

Technology conferences and events provide great assistance to professionals in the industry to meet like-minded individuals and companies. Anybody working in the Technology industry including software development and computer-related fields can learn more about the latest technology and how to incorporate it into their work. These are the most anticipated technology events happening in the […]