Top UK Based Software Companies

The UK has some of the best software companies in the world and provides vital services to clients in need of maintenance or the development of software. When first meeting up with a software developer a person will realise the difficulties and hard work that goes into the development process need to be handled by a professional.

There are various important aspects to consider before making use of a certain software development company. Making sure they have experience working in the same industry that the software is intended for is vital.

By making use of the companies on this list one can have peace of mind in knowing the best quality products will be developed.

App draw Software Development – Watford, UK

Appdrawn is a software development company based in Watford and was founded in 1999. The headquarters are based in London with a second office in Barcelona. They have a team of over 50 employees who are experts in custom software development, mobile app development, and web development

Their services are focused on small and medium-sized companies and have done work for various large companies including BBC, Aspire Customer Communications, and Imagine Property Group.

Top UK Based Software Companies 1 - Top UK Based Software Companies

Goodcore Software – Croydon, UK

Goodcore Software was established in 2005 with over 250 employees specialising in web, mobile app, and software development to start-up as well as more established larger companies. Their main focus is on bespoke software development.

Some of their top clients include XTracked Deliveries, Printed Music Licensing, and GC Business Finance. Their main focus lies in the finance, deliveries, and medical industries.

Top UK Based Software Companies 2 - Top UK Based Software Companies

TIVIX – London, UK

Tivix is a digital product development agency that was established in 2008 with over 90 employees. Some of the industries they specialise in include FinTech, health care, manufacturing, non-profit, and government. They strive in reducing engineering risks for companies with rapid time markets and standards-based codes.

Some of their top clients include Zoetis, Apple, United Nations, and NATO.

Top UK Based Software Companies 3 - Top UK Based Software Companies

Avco Systems – Slough, UK

Avco Systems was founded in 1986 with about 34 employees with a focus on various industries for custom software development, IT managed services, and application management.

Top UK Based Software Companies 4 - Top UK Based Software Companies

Black Pepper Software LTD – Leamington Spa, UK

Black Pepper Software LTD was established in 1999 with a large focus on custom software development, IT strategy consulting, and UX/UI design solutions.

They have a team of over 40 specialists in software development working in various industries including financial, automotive, eCommerce, and education. Some of their most notable clients include Jaguar, Engie, EDF Energy, and Specsavers.

All the software development companies on this list provide great quality services in the UK. Find out more about these companies by subscribing here.