Overview of the Telecommunications Sector

The telecommunications sector exists to make communication possible in society and business. Communication networks work via the internet and are made possible through airwaves, cables, and wireless devices. Telecom companies created the infrastructure allowing data to be shared anywhere in the world.

Telephone operators, satellite companies, cable companies, and internet service providers are seen as the largest contributors to the industry.

Throughout the years the industry has changed from being only a few national operators to becoming a major growth industry with innovative technologies since the early 2000s.

How the Telecommunication Sector has Grown

The sector began in the 1830s with the invention of the telephone. This was the very first mechanical communication device. Its industry broadened and grew far with each innovation in the sector including, radio, computers, mobile devices, and television.

Telecommunication has changed the way society is experiencing life and has made business and personal communication easier.

Key Sectors in Telecommunication

Some of the sub-sectors in telecommunication include telecom equipment, services, and wireless communication.

Within these sectors, there are other major segments forming part of the whole sector which includes diversified communication, foreign telecoms, long-distance carriers, processing products, communication equipment, and more.

One of the fastest sectors within telecommunications is wireless communication. Wireless communications are becoming more active with mobile devices and cloud-based technology and have grown vastly.

Largest Companies in Telecommunication

There are many industry leaders worldwide and their level of business can change at any given moment. Some of the largest telecommunication companies are listed below.

T-Mobile US Inc

T-Mobile US Inc is a major wireless carrier offering a variety of data plans as well as consumer and business services for telecommunication. They are known well as being one of the largest telecommunication companies.

Deutsche Telekom AG

This German-based telecom provider is known for great service in information technology and telecommunication. The company was established in 1995 and has been doing business for over 26 years.


Verizon provides wireless and wireline services as well as broadband and information services. They were established in 2000 and has been in business for more than 21 years providing cell phone and data deals to US Citizens.


AT&T is one of the oldest and most trusted telecom companies in the world with a market value estimated at over £200 Billion. The company was established in 1885 as a telephone and telegraph company and has by thriving in business ever since.

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